Below you will find pdf files and sound clips relating to my essay published in the March and April issues of the Transbay Creative Music Calendar

Part I - Lecture (pdf)

Webern Op. 10 no. 4

Harp quartet - Introduction - score (pdf file) - Exposition begins at ms. 25 (at the double-bar). -

Harp Quartet - Exposition, first part - score (pdf file) - This first part of the primary theme group provides the basis for most of the material used in the Development.

Harp Quartet - Development - score (pdf file) - Begins at bar 78 (following the double-bar). Recapitulation begins at bar 139.



Part II - Concert (pdf)

Jules Langert review

Richard Friedman review

Gran Torso - first 14 measures, including part of ms. 15 to give a sense of the length of the pause in ms. 14